what is the meeting of minds?

The worlds premier scalp micropigmentation conference and event, the Meeting Of Minds is the convergence point for the best and brightest talent in the industry. Attracting technicians, trainers and product manufacturers from around the world, the Meeting Of Minds is the essential event for everyone involved in SMP.

Hosted by Team Micro, independent industry ambassadors, expert marketers and owners of the world’s largest scalp micropigmentation brand, the Meeting Of Minds brings together established and new technicians, specialists in permanent cosmetics, hair transplant surgery and medical micropigmentation. For businesses wanting to find success in SMP, there is simply no better place to be.

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marriott heathrow: thurs 2nd - fri 3rd may

Our venue for the Meeting Of Minds 2019 is the Marriott Hotel on Bath Road, just 5 minutes from Heathrow Airport T4 in London, United Kingdom.

Ideally located for international travellers, with excellent transport links for those travelling to the venue from the UK, the Marriott Hotel is an upscale venue with an allocated event space almost three times larger than our 2018 event.

This exceptional venue signals our intent to consolidate the Meeting Of Minds as the world’s premier event on the scalp micropigmentation calendar.

Discounted rooms are available for Meeting Of Minds attendees, around 20% cheaper than the standard run rate. Once you have booked your event ticket/s for MoM 2019, please book your discounted hotel room straight away to avoid disappointment. Room bookings are made direct with the hotel.

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on location: the ink-credible podcast

The Meeting Of Minds 2019 plays host to Valerie Weber’s Ink-Credible Podcast, the new, fast-growing advice and information platform for micropigmentation professionals.

Valerie will interview conference attendees to capture their views on the event, and their take on the industry, past, present and future. Participating interviewees will be featured in an uncoming special release episode promoted by Ink-Credible, Team Micro, iTunes and other major podcasting channels.

This is a unique opportunity to have YOUR say on whatever issues are topical for your business right now, so don’t miss out! Find Valerie at her podcasting booth by the entrance to the main hall.

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A stellar lineup of world class industry professionals. Meet our speakers, expert panellists and debate team.

paul clark
brandwood clinic

The world’s first full time SMP technician and innovator of many of the techniques now widely used, Paul Clark has a pedigree in scalp micropigmentation like no other, and has seen the industry develop from the very beginning to what it is today.

renata pruszewski
scalp amplified

One of the world’s most admired and respected scalp micropigmentation technicians. Located in Ontario Canada, Renata Pruszewski produces some of the finest work we have ever seen, and creates some of the most realistic hairlines in the business.

Seif Sidky
International Hairlines

Owner of several clinics in the USA and Egypt, and a dedicated training centre in Florida, Seif Sidky is a highly experienced SMP technician, mentor and entrepreneur and one of the world’s most respected technicians.

valerie weber
dermagrafix studio

A highly recognized and admired artist in the field of permanent cosmetics, Valerie Weber is a dual-trained permanent SMP and tricopigmentation technician and Founder of the Ink-Credible Podcast, the fast growing new advice platform for micropigmentation professionals.

Craig Bottomley-high
Scalp Micro UK

Craig, AKA ‘Mr Scalp’, is a highly experienced and respected SMP technician and trainer, and an accomplished permanent makeup artist. Craig is one of the strongest marketers, consultants and deal-closers in the business.

Gaston Siciliano
Microbeau Inc

CEO of FK Irons, one of the world’s largest tattoo equipment manufacturers, Gaston is the engineer behind the hugely popular Xion S and Bellar machines, launched under the Microbeau brand in 2017.

Steven Greitzer
Microbeau Inc

A pioneer in the use of coloured pigments for SMP, and in the free sharing of information and education, Steven Greitzer has worked in the scalp micropigmentation industry since 2012 and brings a wealth of technical knowledge and experience.

jonathan gerow
gerow hair ink

One of the world’s first and most experienced scalp micropigmentation technicians, Jonathan is a true artist and co-Founder of a hugely successful SMP clinic in the heart of Manhattan, NYC. Jon remains one of the industry’s best loved practitioners.

erik roberto
gerow hair ink

Alongside co-Founder Jonathan Gerow, Erik Roberto has turned Gerow Hair Ink into one of the most successful scalp micropigmentation companies in the world. Erik is behind some of the most innovative marketing campaigns ever seen in SMP.

juan collado
gerow hair ink

A highly skilled scalp micropigmentation technician, Juan Collado joined forces with Gerow Hair Ink, becoming a full time technician alongside colleagues Jon Gerow and Erik Roberto in 2018. Juan is now one of the most requested SMP techs in New York.

pam neighbors
trillium ink

A hugely respected and experienced permanent makeup artist, scalp technician and trainer located in Washington State, Pam has built a highly successful and enviable business by focusing on high standards and a strong moral code.

eddie lopez
scalp artist intl

CEO of Scalp Artist International, with 13 locations in the United States, Puerto Rico, Australia and the United Kingdom, Eddie Lopez is building a leading network of SMP trainers and is ambassador for the DermaGear range of procedural products.

taryn quinterri
cosmetic aesthetics

One of the longest serving scalp technicians in the United States, Taryn Quinterri is passionate about colour theory principles in SMP and strives to educate the industry about the possibilities offered by non-standard scalp pigments.

debbie clifford

Throughout her career Debbie has been trained by some of the best in the world. She has completed many courses and attended dozens of master classes. She herself is now an international trainer for Goldeneye Micropigmentation.

john chandler
Scalp Co. SMP

Owner of USA-based ScalpCo, John Chandler is growing his company into a serious contender on the world stage, with a total of 7 world class clinics in Florida, Colorado, Nevada, California and Ontario.

bart verbeeck

Bart Verbeeck is the Founder of Prohairclinic, one of the worlds first and most successful tricopigmentation providers. Alongside partner Sabine Dillen, Prohairclinic attracts clients from across the globe for both tricopigmentation and hair transplant procedures.

sabine dillen

One of the most respected and experienced tricopigmentation technicians in the world, Sabine Dillen is Lead Technician at renowned SMP and hair transplant provider Prohairclinic in Antwerp, Belgium.

carlos montes
scalp clinic pr

Operating the most successful clinic in Puerto Rico, one of the world’s toughest markets for SMP and hit by Hurricane Maria in 2017, Carlos has proven that high quality standards and exemplary service can overcome even the most difficult of circumstances.

Matt Iulo
Scalp Micro USA

Owner of Scalp Micro USA with offices in New York and Houston, Matthew Iulo was one of the first American scalp micropigmentation techncians and now runs one of the world’s busiest clinics and training schools.

caitlin james
smp australia

One of Australia’s leading scalp micropigmentation technicians and trainers, Caitlin James also has extensive hair transplant experience and operates from two clinics in the cities of Adelaide and Melbourne.

carsten larsen
scalp innovation

Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, Carsten was nominated for the Rising Star award at the Meeting Of Minds 2018. His ethics and passion for his craft shines through in every procedure he completes.

max yesbut
clinique scalp elite

The most successful scalp micropigmentation trainer in Canada, Max Yesbut heads Clinique Scalp Elite, a training school in Quebec with its own line of SMP pigments.

hughes pastoret
Hair tattoo by hugues

One of the most skilled and compassionate technicians in the SMP industry, Hughes travels the world training the next generation of scalp micropigmentation technicians to an extremely high standard.

kate dawes

A hugely experienced hair transplant and scalp micropigmentation technician, Kate Dawes is also a qualified trichologist and is one of Australia’s leading authorities in SMP.

ollie hughes
appear natural

Universally admired and respected by clients and industry peers, Ollie Hughes is undoubtedly one of the worlds most talented and time-served scalp micropigmentation technicians and trainers.

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