The SMP Awards

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Nominations open: June 16th-30th 2024

Voting open: July 1st-14th 2024

Award nominations are subject to a contribution fee of $29.95. A single contribution fee enables you to nominate for a Rising Star or Best Artist award, and as many Technique awards as you wish.

Your contribution fee helps to cover the running costs of the awards, and keeps ineligible entries at bay. The fee is waived for Meeting Of Minds attendees. Attendees check your email for instructions.

Rising Star:Up to 3 years experience

Rising Star: North America

Rising Star: Europe

Rising Star: International

Best Artist:3+ years experience

Best Artist: North America

Best Artist: Europe

Best Artist: International

Technique:Open to all artists

Technique: Best Scar Camo

Technique: Best Natural Hairline

Technique: Best Hard Hairline

Q & A

Our 2024 SMP Awards are subject to a contribution fee of $29.95. Your contribution fee helps cover the high costs of running and hosting the SMP Awards.

Your contribution fee is only charged once. You may nominate yourself for one of the primary Rising Star or Best Artist awards, plus one or more Technique Awards, with no additional fee.

No. The SMP Awards are open to all, whether or not you're attending Meeting Of Minds 2024.

However, there are many benefits that make it well worth attending. Winners, runners-up and finalists all get their time on stage, complete with photographs to mark the occasion. Not to mention the electric atmosphere of the world's leading SMP gala and award ceremony!

Yes. All artists are eligible to enter either the Rising Star Awards, or the Best Artist Awards.

In addition, you may enter one of the Technique categories if you have photographs of relevant procedures to support your nomination.

Rising Star & Best Artist Awards

  • 1 Gold winner
  • 1 Silver winner
  • 1 Bronze winner
  • 7 runner-ups

Technique Awards

  • 1 Gold winner
  • 4 runner-ups

We pride ourselves on hosting the fairest awards in SMP, free from favoritism, external influences and commercial bias. Our 2024 awards will be decided entirely by a public vote. All SMP artists are eligible to have their say and cast their votes.

Rising Star, Best Artist & Technique Awards

These awards are decided by a randomised algorithm known as pairwise.

Pairwise comparison, also known as pair comparison, is a simple but effective method for evaluating and ranking voter opinion. In this process, two SMP procedures are compared against each other at a time. Over several voted-upon comparisons, a relative ranking of each SMP procedure is established.

We use a scoring system known as ELO to assess the overall preferences established over large numbers of pairwise SMP comparisons. This makes the comparisons more objective and allows a reliable relative ranking to be created.

The ELO score is a mathematical rating system originally developed for chess players to measure and make players' skill levels comparable. However, the ELO system can be used in various fields where the goal is to assess grouped voter intent, especially in competitive situations like the SMP Awards.

The ELO score works by assigning a numerical rating to each award entry. This rating reflects the expected probability of one entry winning against another entry based on votes received so far. If an award entry wins against another entry that already proved popular among voters, the ELO score of the winning entry increases, while the losing entry's score decreases. Conversely, winning against a lower-rated entry would only slightly increase the ELO score, while losing would have a greater impact on the ELO score.

In summary, the use of Pairwise voting and the ELO algorithm ensures the fairest outcome, virtually impossible to manipulate through 'friends-based' or tactical voting.

Trusted Product Awards

Voters are presented with a list of the most popular products in each of the 3 categories - Needles, Pigments and Aftercare.

Voters may 'like' or 'dislike' as many of the listed products as they choose. The resulting totals are used to determine the winning product in each category.

Outstanding Contribution Award

The winner of this most coveted award is decided by Team Micro. If you wish to suggest an individual to be considered for this award, please email

Voters are asked to cast additional votes to determine the most popular and trusted products, in 3 categories:

  • Most Trusted Needle Cartridge
  • Most Trusted Pigment
  • Most Trusted Aftercare Product

Products entered into these awards are pre-defined. If you would like to enter your brand, please email or contact our office.

Our most coveted award is presented in recognition of outstanding achievement and contribution to the scalp micropigmentation industry over time.

The Outstanding Contribution Award has just one winner, decided by Damien Porter, our Founder. If you wish to suggest an individual for this award, please email


Every year, Meeting Of Minds plays host to the most trusted and revered awards in SMP. Considered the worldwide gold standard, our awards are trusted, coveted and highly competitive.

The SMP Awards are fair, transparent and free from commercial bias. Every artist, regardless of location, experience or popularity, can win the most coveted awards in SMP.

Event Pass

$ 1295
  • Access both days
  • All speakers
  • All demonstrations
  • Gala & awards

Platinum VIP Pass

$ 1795
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  • Pre-event mixer at Scalp Micro USA
  • VIP Gala & Awards table
  • Gala & Awards champagne