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advanced scar camouflage

matthew iulo

Founder of Scalp Micro USA, Matthew Iulo is one of the world’s most talented scar concealment specialists. During this demonstration Matthew highlights the core techniques he uses to achieve some of the most effective camouflage results in the business.

female densification

hughes pastoret

A master SMP artist and trainer, Hughes Pastoret performs scalp micropigmentation worldwide and has perfected the art of female densification. Expand your knowledge of density treatments and enjoy this rare opportunity to see female SMP in action.

the barbershop edge-up

jonathan gerow & erik roberto

The edge-up hairline style is popular around the world and is the default style for many clients, particularly in the United States. During this demonstration, master artist Jonathan Gerow creates modern barbershop styles and discusses the techniques required to master this technique.

natural hairline design

paul clark & simon lane

Creator of some of the most natural looking hairline styles in the business, veteran Paul Clark demonstrates the techniques that have earned his position at the very top of his profession.

brows for men

debbie clifford

Micropigmentation veteran Debbie Clifford demonstrates male brow technique, one of the most misunderstood yet essential tools that all professional SMP artists should possess, particularly when treating clients with alopecia.


lewis grady & eve pleavin

Tricopigmentation, or shorter duration SMP, is an alternative to permanent scalp micropigmentation and a more suitable solution in many situations. During this demonstration, Eve shows how tricopigmentation is performed and how this technique differs from regular SMP.

laser removal techniques

lorena oberg

Few people understand the laser removal process quite like international speaker and demonstrator Lorena Oberg. During this workshop, Lorena shows how laser removal is performed and explains how SMP clinics can add this vital and in-demand service to their reportoire.

understanding machines

gaston siciliano & steven greitzer

Microbeau CEO and Chief Engineer Gaston Siciliano, and veteran SMP specialist Steven Greitzer break open some of the most popular SMP machines on the market and explain how artists can improve their technique through more effective use of the tools at their disposal.

smp with acupuncture needles

agnieszka zapala

Undoubtedly one of the very finest talents in SMP, Agnieszka Zapala demonstrates her unique scalp micropigmentation technique and explains how using custom machines and acupuncture needles can produce some of the most hyper-realistic results in the business.

smp in colour

taryn quinterri

A long standing advocate for the use of coloured pigments for scalp micropigmentation, Taryn Quinterri teaches SMP-specific colour theory and explains how different pigment ranges can be used to make scalp micropigmentation a viable option for a broader range of scenarios.