Nashville to NYC: Why we moved Meeting Of Minds

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Meeting Of Minds 2024 was originally planned to take place in Nashville, Tennessee, at the Hotel Fraye.

We believe Nashville would make a good venue for Meeting Of Minds due to the facilities available, the eclectic vibe of the city, and its obvious touristic appeal. However, an opportunity arose to move the event to New York, and we took it. Here are the reasons why we decided to do so.


Meeting Of Minds has always attracted a highly international following, routinely playing host to attendees from 20+ countries every year. The accessibility of the chosen location is, therefore, very important to the artists who wish to attend.

Whilst Nashville is well connected to the rest of the United States, most international attendees needed connecting flights, ironically in many cases, via New York City. NYC on the other hand, is a direct flight from most major world cites, and its 3 major airports (John F Kennedy, Newark and La Guardia) provide a broad range of options for international travellers.

The Paradise Club, the venue for Meeting Of Minds 2024, within the Times Square Edition hotel


Whilst relocating the event to New York significantly increased the cost of hosting Meeting Of Minds, these cost increases have not been reflected in our ticket price as we want to make Meeting Of Minds accessible to as many SMP artists as we can.

For many, travel to NYC involves fewer flights than travel to Nashville. For a round trip, many SMP artists now have two less flights to pay for. We recommend for flight information and prices.

Meeting Of Minds attendees also enjoy much greater flexibility in New York due to the availability of alternative accommodation options.

In Nashville, hotel costs were about what you might expect from a boutique hotel in an American city. Although the average hotel room may be more expensive in New York City, the range of alternative options is much broader, making it easier for attendees to achieve cost savings if necessary. Quite simply, there are way more hotels available in NYC, plus options through Airbnb, and than there are in Nashville.

Gala dinner and awards at the 2023 event in Manchester

That said, at the time of writing (June 14th), we anticipate our accommodation booking link for the venue itself, Times Square Edition, will be available in just a day or two. We take no commission on these bookings, and conference rates are more favorable than booking direct, so I encourage you to wait just a little longer until this option becomes available.


New York City is iconic, and there is simply more to do in NYC than Nashville. For many, New York is a favorite destination or somewhere they’ve always wanted to go. New York caters for tourists perhaps better than any other city in the world.

To plan your itinerary beyond Meeting Of Minds itself, we recommend these articles by New York Times, Conde Nast and TimeOut.

In summary

Anyone who has attended Meeting Of Minds before, understands the uniqueness of this very special event. We go to great lengths to ensure everyone involved has a fun, inclusive, inspirational and memorable experience.

The decision to move MoM 2024 from Nashville to NYC was not taken lightly. But given the response from pre-existing ticket holders those who booked after the change was announced, the decision has been met with almost unanimous approval.

As always, we strive to make Meeting Of Minds the best event it can be, and we look forward to welcoming our 2024 attendees on October 23rd to 25th.

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