Past Sponsors


Get worldwide exposure for your product, service or brand at Meeting Of Minds 2024 in Nashville, Tennessee. We make it easy to reach the people you need, in the way you want your brand to be represented.

Our 2023 conference attracted artists and educators from 23 countries. Other events attract a more domestic audience however Meeting Of Minds is, and always has been, the convergence point for the international SMP community. If you want to reach SMP artists from every corner of the world, there is simply no better place to be.

Product Booth

Demonstrate and sell your products and services with a 6 foot branded booth. We take care of everything so your booth will simply be waiting for you. Just bring your products and/or literature and set up:

  • Branded full width backdrop
  • 6ft table with black stretch cover
  • Branded table runner
  • TV screen (optional)

You can sell your products direct, or if you prefer, demonstrate your products and let Team Micro handle the transactions.

Your Brand, everywhere

We place your brand front and center where everyone can see it, to deliver maximum exposure and return on investment. You can expect your brand to be featured in a number of locations around the event, and custom requirements can often be accommodated too.

You will also have the opportunity to sponsor a specific award category and have your brand appear on the Finalist and Winner certificates and trophies.


Event Package
$ 6995
  • 2 x Platinum VIP tickets
  • Pre-event dinner
  • Branded product booth
  • Branded rollup banner
  • Logo on attendance certificates
  • Logo on booking website
  • Logo on show guide microsite
  • Award category sponsor
  • Recorded interview
  • Logo on selfie and interview backdrops
  • 2 x 45,000 email blast
  • Add items to our show bags
  • At-booth TV screen ($400)
  • Stage time OR live demonstration

Your Questions Answered

Platinum VIP is our best ticket! Full details can be found on our booking page, but briefly comprises access to every aspect of the conference plus VIP dinner the night before the event, Platinum VIP lanyard, a seat at one of our Platinum VIP champagne awards tables, and a filmed interview.

Platinum VIP tickets cost $1795 each when purchased separately. Your sponsorship package includes 2 Platinum VIP tickets.

Sponsors may purchase additional Platinum VIP tickets for their own staff and team at the reduced rate of $1295 each.

There is no discount on  sponsorship packages if less than 2 tickets are required.

Booth backdrops at Meeting Of Minds are a set format and look great! This means it is not possible to switch for your own backdrop, however we can place your own rollup banner/s around the event if you wish.

Yes. We provide a 50-55 inch TV screen on a moveable stand and power to your booth. TV screens have USB and HDMI inputs to suit your needs.

TV screens are hired from our AV supplier and cost $400 each.

You can bring your own stock and credit card terminal and process sales yourself.

Of course this means you need to staff your own booth, however you keep 100% of your sales revenue.

Keep in mind that you remain responsible for the security of your stock and any accessories or cash at your booth. Also check your payment terminal will still work away from your home country or state, as they often do not.

Alternatively, you can bring smaller demonstration stocks for your own booth, and provide the rest of your stock to Team Micro to sell at our booth where we will handle all transactions.

If you prefer this option, we pay a wholesale price for all products sold and keep the difference. Note that all products sold by Team Micro at Meeting Of Minds are subject to a 25% event discount.

The second option worked really well for FYT and True Follicle in 2023. Both brands were able to focus on demonstrating their products and interacting with customers, while leaving the transactional processes to us.

Not sure which option is right for you? Just email damien@teammicro.com to discuss.

The live schedule at Meeting Of Minds is always fluid, as our availability must remain reactive to whatever is happening at the time. We usually interview sponsors during the day during intervals, however we have other options available if required.

After Meeting of Minds, interview recordings are edited and supplied in MP4 format.

The specific award category will be allocated depending on availability, whilst avoiding of any potential conflicts of interest. For example, if a major ambassador for your company or brand could potentially win an award, you cannot sponsor the same category.

If you have a specific category you would prefer to sponsor, we always try to accommodate.

Please note: Award winners are voted by our judging panel. Sponsorship or other commercial interests have no influence on the outcome of our awards.

No. Sponsorship packages do not include hotel accommodation.

Depending on your requirements, we can be flexible with this.Two blasts can be sent, on dates between 1 April and 1 December 2024.

Each blast is sent to our databank of 45,000+ SMP and PMU artists worldwide.

The content of the emails is at your discretion, subject to approval.

Event sponsors are often invited to be one of our speakers or live demonstrators. Speakers talk on stage, whilst live demonstrators work in our dedicated demo area.

Both options are equally valuable. Speaking on stage is obviously great exposure, but live demonstrations are more interactive and enable you to engage with the audience in a more personal way.

As the biggest platform in SMP, stage time is highly sought-after with demand outstripping supply by at least 4 to 1. For this reason, stage time cannot be guaranteed, even for sponsors.

Your options strictly depend on availability and are subject to suitability and acceptance.

Stage talks must be educational and inspirational, and add value to the conference. Whilst you are welcome to discuss your products, talks are not purely a sales opportunity.

Live demonstrations must be educational, relevant, and suitable for an audience of mixed experience and ability levels. Typically, live demonstrations explore some of the more advanced facets of micropigmentation, or demonstrate related or complimentary services to SMP.

We want your brand to be represented exactly as you want. We always try to accommodate wherever possible. Email damien@teammicro.com to discuss your needs.

All sponsorship bookings must be approved and with full payment or a payment plan in place before 28 April 2024.

Please note: The option to pay over 12 months will only be available until 30 November 2023.

Please make your booking and our Founder Damien Porter will contact you to discuss your requirements.

All sponsorship packages are subject to approval.

Event Pass

$ 1295
  • Event entry 24-25 October
  • All speakers
  • All live demonstrations
  • All food and beverages
  • 1st night casual dinner
  • 2nd night gala & awards
  • Entertainment til' late

Platinum VIP Pass

$ 1795
  • EVENT PASS PLUS ......
  • Private mixer 23 October
  • Gala priority seating
  • Gala champagne upgrade
  • Filmed interview
  • Promotional press release
  • Exclusive MoM 2024 hoodie